Our Graduates

Valentine Enedah EntryLevel

I started off as a Junior Data Scientist (Intern) at Zummit Africa, and it was a great opportunity to be part of the team. I have learnt so much by being integral to the growth of the company. Zummit Africa is the best place to be and I now work as a Community Support at EntryLevel where I focus on democratizing Tech skills.

Habeeb Agbaje EntryLevel

My time at Zummit Africa in the deep learning AI department was truly exceptional and mind opening it allowed me to try my hands on so many projects and ideas and made me understand clearly some of the distinctions of the different fields under Data Science. I’m truly grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

Anonymous Tinka

My time at Zummit Africa working with the team was a transformative experience that significantly shaped my career. I had the opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic environment. I am currently employed as a Junior Data scientist at Tinka. The skills and knowledge I gained during my internship at Zummit Africa have been invaluable in helping me excel in my current position. I am excited to see how Zummit continues to make a positive impact in the industry, and I am grateful for the foundation it provided for my career.

Jude Ezeh Heroshe

Joining Zummit Africa was a great step towards becoming a data analyst/data scientist. The collaboration among teams was great. Also, the paper review session helped with so many research and collaboration on projects. I must admit that the skills both soft and hard skills gained while interning with Zummit helped me landed my role as a Data analyst at Heroshe.

Silas Penda Roc4tech

Zummit Africa gave me a good stepping stone in my Data Science career. I got to work with teams working on real use case projects. I led two teams to win the monthly competition. I built my confidence up from there. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity.